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The Japanese code of honor, Bushidō, is what the West views as the “Samurai Spirit”.
To nurture this Bushidō spirit, one’s study is roughly divided into three branches of Zen doctrine.

Kendō (the Way of the Sword) is a path to enlightenment using a sword and one’s body to protect oneself.

Hitsu (Brush) Hitsuzendō (The Way of Zen through the Brush) Becoming one with what one creates, essentially, is the philosophy behind Zen Calligraphy and other Japanese arts. Zen studies start with Suizen which cultivates the concept of focus.

The Bushidō spirit is not a concept only for samurai.
It is a way or path about focus and discipline and about cultivating the state of "no-mind," (being in the
moment) in which thought, emotions, and expectations do not matter. This spirit is based on the
phrase Jin (mercy), Gi (honor, justice), Rei (courtesy, etiquette), Chi (wisdom), Shin (sincerity)This phrase is not just for samurai, but is a universal phrase of conduct available anyone and everyone to incorporate into their daily life.

Together with today’s youth who sincerely want the world to unite as one, the aim of Meihodō and its philosophy is to become THE dōjō (a place where various paths can be studied) to the contemporary world. Here the various ways or paths of learning will help instill in one through mental, physical and spiritual training the value of peace and that each such path is really the Way of Peace.

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Hiroshi Tanaka

Senryumon Officer

& Representative Director

Taishi Masumoto

Japan Forestry Japan Men's Revival Director

Ayano Tabata

Traditional Japanese Crafts Overseas Public Relations Director

Rino Tabata

Director of Wanokuni Camp Village

Hayato Tabata

Director / Director in charge of Japanese Youth Development

Kodai Kawahara

Director of Animal Conservation


1943-28 Nagakusa Aso City

Kumamoto, Japan 〒869-2231

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1650 Broadway #702  New York, NY 10019

212-956-0521 USA

1943-28 Nagakusa Aso City

Kumamoto, Japan 〒869-2231

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