Discover Japanese Secret 

"ZEN & NOW"  

Tour Sample

Day 1.

Fukuoka Airport / Check in hotel in Fukuoka City

Day 2.

Seminar for this tour and welcome ceremony at Meihodo Aso.

Day 3.

Meihodo Tour, Study, and Practice ZEN.

Day 4.

Study IAI (sword method) at Meihodo

Day 5.

Wano-kuni Camp Village & BBQ at night

Day 6.

Tour around Aso volcano and camp village

Day 7.

Karate World Tounament Tour and sightseeing histric area of Aso and surround

Day 8.

Activities at Wano-kuni Camp village and geopark Yusuikyo.

Day 9.

Japanese traditional Bon Festival, Kimono dressing experience.

Day 10.

Study Hitsuzen (Leaning "ZEN" using brush)

Day 11.

IAI practice at Meihodo.

Day 12.

Voluntary training using each program at Meihodo

Day 13.

Graduation examination demonstration.

Test 1 Taijutsu

Test 2 IAI

Test 3 Suizen

Completion ceremony at night

Day 14.

Travel to Fukuoka

Beat Jack in Fukuoka 2017 TOUR

Application information:
Age: One must be at least 12 years old. Applications of students up through college are also accepted.  Age requirements are restricted by program.
Number of People: There is a 15-20 person limit per program
Language: The main language is Japanese. English translations will be provided.



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