ASO AND Surroundings

The origin of the name of "Kumamoto" is "the book of fire", that is, the country of "fire" from the ancient times, Mt. Aso exceeds the altitude of 10,000 meters..
It was one of the world's largest volcanoes of the Konnde type. Most of the volcano has jumped out due to a large explosion 90,000 years ago, and now It was only to leave the outer ring of 25 km north and south and 18 km east to west. Mt. Aso is now an active volcano.
Meihodo is in the unique area in the world as a town located in the crater of the active volcano.
Miyazaki prefecture and Kumamoto prefecture border is also the place called "TAKACHIHO" where the gods descended in the era of "Shindai Kamiyo" in Japanese history exceeding 25,000 years, It is exactly the "Creation of Japan" land.


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