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Our Purpose

How to incorporate Zen into daily life through the exposure to various forms of Zen meditation.

The spirit of Bushido, the Way of the Samurai, is the path of learning how to integrate Zen into everyday life in a way that transcends all barriers such as nationality, religion, culture and history. Clarity of perception, mental steadiness and crystallized awareness, all disciplines of inner self awareness, are cultivated to create an individual who has gained knowledge of and is in control of his inner self. Our desire is to teach the significance of the way of life and through this process to explore and realize one’s true self.

We sincerely hope that all countries work together towards peace and a universal sense of morality that can cross all cultural and national boundaries to become the foundation of a truly peaceful and united world. Through our study of the spirit of Bushido, this is what we aim to nurture.

Our Goal


Our goal is not to expose individuals to the concept of Zen solely through meditation. In order to sharpen all of one’s senses and to achieve “body recognition” satori or physical enlightenment, various aspects of Zen wi be taught. These include understanding the breath and posture, fundamental principals that can be incorporated into all aspects of life.

The body recognition training is a practice based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin/Yang, the study of seemingly opposite forces of energy or dualities and how they may actually be complimentary, forming a dynamic system of energy. This universal energy, “chi” or “qi”, is the underlying principal in traditional Chinese martial arts.

ZEN and Now

Enter the world based on Bushido and Zen,

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